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Teenagers' Lives (2010)

Teenagers' Lives in France & in America !

Par admin clemence-royer, publié le mardi 9 février 2010 11:10 - Mis à jour le lundi 18 avril 2011 14:35

Exchanging with our American e-pals


Our project started in September 2009 and was to last throughout the school year until June 2010.

Our English teacher, Mme Guillet, knew a French teacher, Mrs Jamadi, in Los Alamitos High, California.


 The aim of the project was to share our way of life with American teenagers and find out more about their habits.

Our e-pals were the same age and had been learning French for 3 or 4 years.


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 The different steps of our project

First we had to get to know our e-pals so our first mail was focused on physical and moral portraits.

Then we had to find an interesting topic, because there were so many things we wanted to know about them !

So we decided on groups (2 or 3 students per group) and our second mail was meant to tell them about our projects.

Then we organised surveys in our class and our third mail was to ask our e-pals questions related to our topics and send them the same surveys to fill in.

The last step was to collect all the information and the data we got from our e-pals and compare it with our own results.

Finally we had to write our articles on the blog.


 The topics we covered

We chose these topics because we were particularly anxious to know about our e-pals' opinions about them.

  1. Clichés & Stereotypes
  2. Food habits between France and the USA
  3. A typical school day in a French High School and in an American High School
  4. Conflicts between boys and girls
  5. Teenagers' music tastes
  6. Sports
  7. Films and cinema in France and in the USA
  8. Legal age
  9. Environmental issues in our school and in our country


As a conclusion, we can say that we found this project very interesting because it allowed us to know a lot more about American culture and the way teenagers live "out there".

Our knowledge of the culture was mainly based on clichés and we noticed that in fact, we had a lot in common especially in music tastes and cinema. Likewise, our e-pals believed that they knew French teenagers well and we showed them that their understanding of our customs and traditions could be different from what they thought.

 We want to thank our e-pals for their help and hope they enjoyed the exchange as much as we did.

The 2°2 students


Je voudrais remercier nos homologues américains et leur dire combien cet échange a été riche et fructueux pour chacun , de ce côté de l'Atlantique !

Les pages écrites par mes élèves sont tout à fait le reflet de leurs personnalités et ce blog sera aussi une façon pour nous de garder en mémoire une année passée ensemble.

I'd like to thank our American e-pals and their teacher for that one-year virtual exchange which has been rich and fruitful for each and everyone from that side of the Atlantic.

The blog pages of my students exactly show what they are like in real life and they'll also be somehow a means to keep that school year alive in our minds.

I enjoyed the work and I like what my students achieved even more !

Mme Guillet

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