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Echange 2016-2017 avec la Hollande

Echange 2016-2017 avec la Hollande : Bienvenue

Par ANNE DAGICOUR, publié le samedi 21 janvier 2017 18:25 - Mis à jour le samedi 21 janvier 2017 18:42


Dears Friends,


Our Dutch correspondents arrived on Saturday 19th November after a day journey. We retrieved them at Matabiau station in Toulouse. In the evening we spent the evening with the family. And on Sunday we visited a place famous in France (Toulouse, Carcassonne, Cité de l'espace ...)

On Monday and Tuesday, our correspondents had their professional appointments. The rest of the time, they stayed in high school.

On Wednesday we went to high school and on Wednesday afternoon we spent time together eating, then laughing, watching a movie.

On Thursday, we brought our correspondents to Toulouse, we visited the museum of the Augustins (the most famous museum in Toulouse). At lunch we ate at the Subway and in the afternoon we went shopping. Then we got back to school by bus.

On Friday morning we made a visit to the Airbus site, by bus and we went to Toulouse for to eat. Then in the afternoon we made a rally in Toulouse. It was really nice and so funny. In the evening we all ate at the McDonalds, and in the evening we had spent fun time at the bowling!!!!

On Saturday morning it was the sad hour of leaving, we all had appointments at the station of Matabiau again. And we all made memories pictures and we cried a lot. Ah ahahah.


We are very happy to have met you, these experiences mark our lives. We will remember it forever. We look forward to seeing you again in March, to share new adventures with you. We have one word for you: Merciiiiii.



written by Lea for the Students of English Euro section