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I am calm and dependable

Par Salomé FERRE, publié le mercredi 18 septembre 2019 10:49 - Mis à jour le samedi 21 septembre 2019 15:31

I am calm and dependable 

I wonder why people are so noisy

I hear my mom advising me

I see when people feel sad

I want to travel around the world 

I am calm and dependable 


I pretend to agree with everything 

I feel moved when I see sad movies 

I touch the sky

I worry about the future

I cry if it’s really a bad situation

I am calm and dependable 


I understand I have to work hard

I say I have to never give up

I dream that I will reach my goals with the people I love 

I try to be bilingual 

I hope travel to the United States 

I am calm and dependable

  • 2019